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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Time keeps on ticking

The days have passed and Summer turned into Fall and now we're full steam ahead towards Winter. How quickly time flies.

We've had a busy Summer/Fall. My father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, so we went for a two week visit in August. He was given a few years to live, but that is contingent upon how he responds to treatment and how he faces this enemy. If that wasn't enough he has prostrate cancer too. He's a strong man and has purpose and belief, but even that at times can wane in the face of such illnesses.

Dave and I brought my son Joshua back with us for a visit and a vacation to the U P of Michigan. We had such a fun time showing him around our beloved Michigan. We rented a beautiful cabin for a week and took him to see WhiteFish Point, Pictured Rocks, Fayette Ghost Town, Kitchitikipi, Seney Wild Life Refuge, Tequahmonin Falls and just the beautiful Great Lakes of Michigan.

Family will be coming in this month for a yearly visit. It will be nice to see everyone and spend some time getting caught up on life events.  Joshua is going to be with us during Winter, so he'll get to experience a Michigan winter.

Anyway, that's it for now. Hope all is well in the computer world.

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