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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Upper Michigan or better known as the U P

Thanks to retirenet.com for the use of this photo

Boy what a fantastic trip we had. I never realized the land above the mitten of Michigan, was actually part of Michigan until this trip. It's wild and rugged forest packed with Cedar swamps, Pines, bears, moose and a huge wild life population of birds.

We visited places with inlets and coves, which showed off Lake Superior. This lovely lake has so many shades of blues in her, I was awe struck at her appearance. I told Dave each time I looked upon Superior, Huron and Lake Michigan it was like the first drop of a roller coaster ride. My stomach would get butterflies, then I'd get chills at the grand vastness and beauty of these lakes.

I do admit though Lake Superior is by far my favorite. Oh and she's cold - cold - cold. It's said she is the most treacherous and she never gives up her dead. There have been many shipwrecks recorded off her shores, one of such was the Edmund Fitzgerald.

We visited a lighthouse which gave visitors a bit of history of this shipwreck as well as others.  Whitefish Point was our first (vacation) tourist stop in the Upper Peninsula. She sits nestled against Lake Superior. Her lighthouse, gift shop, shipwreck museum, bed and breakfast and beach shore is so breathtakingly beautiful. It was here I truly experienced the sound, feel and smell of this grand lake. I truly can't put to words this experience. I have pictures that almost capture the moment.

Our next stop was Muninsing. It was so crowd we didn't take the painted rocks boat ride and the motel we stayed in was so awful Dave ended up canceling our next night there and booking us a motel room in Baraga, Michigan that was by far better.

This little town shares a cove with L'Anse Michigan. We were both gob-stopped when we looked upon it. Thank goodness the room in Muninsing didn't work out is all I can say. We were so impressed with the motel we stayed at, we booked another night there on the return trip home.

Copper Harbor was the ultimate vacation spot on our trip. It was here we actually rested. Two days of exploration and just sitting, watching the Harbor and the Lake beyond. We saw huge ore boats moving along Lake Superior. We didn't do the sunset cruise as we were both content just to relax and watch life around us.  Dave enjoyed a nice Winston Churchill as we relaxed next to the water.

Of course I was impressed with Mackinaw and St. Ignace. Huge tourist towns for sure, but that huge scary bridge, which connects the Upper Peninsula with lower Michigan is an experience. I truly wanted NOTHING to do with it, but alas it was the way to and from Copper Harbor.  Dave told me only one car has been blown off the bridge in so many years, still I can't even put into words what this bridge is like.....HUGE and SCARY are the best.

Before I end this truly inadequate description of our trips I will say I've had the best Pasties ever. My fave were the ones in Newberry. Michigan.

Pronounced with a short a, pasties are pie dough pockets of goodness.  stuffed with meat, carrots. rutabagas and potatoes, these pastry delights are an experience. With or without the brown gravy, try one if you're ever in Michigan. These could be Mexico's version of Empanadas. 

Well I could go on and on and I haven't truly said much about the beauty and splendor of the U P. Yep those Yoppers sure know how to live. :)


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