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Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's: Whatz on the mEnU

I decided, about a week before vacation, I was going to start eating better. The weight around my middle section, my swinging in the wind arm wings and my enormous ass, convinced me. So last week my goal was to drink more water and cut down on portions....

Did it and I felt somewhat better, so now I'm getting ready to delve into the culinary part of eating better. So I'm going to start jazzing up our meals, without so much of the unwanted trans fats and so on.

Tonights supper will consist of:

Chicken breast rolled in egg white, then they'll be coated in crushed (raw) almonds. (Dr. Oz)....They (Dr. Oz show) suggested rolling the chicken breast in Dijon Mustard, but my Dave doesn't like that, so we're going to do egg whites. I'll probably season the chicken with different seasonings of choice, before I roll it in the egg white.

Next, a melody of veggies, red bell peppers, orange bell peppers, baby carrots and onion. lightly coated with olive oil and simmered on the stove.

We'll also be having fingerling potatoes ( yes, I know it's a starch) I'm going to par boil them, then slice them in half and finish them off in the oven...Season according to my taste as well. By cutting them in half I'll use less potatoes, but still feel like I'm getting my belly's worth (hahahaha)

Then I'm going to apply a Weight Watchers trick by making a cake with one cup of diet coke. That is one pkg of cake mix (of choice) with one cup of diet coke. You can use apple sauce instead of diet coke if you want to. I am going to add 1/4th of a cup of semi chocolate chips to this mixture (just because)...

I'll post a photo of the meal later tonight and let you know how it turned out.



Brian Miller said...

nice...so how was the chicken in crushed almond? that sounds really good and still gives a crunch...

Melissa Bickel said...

It was delicious. I forgot to take a photo though grrr. Turned out moist, but had that crunch..