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Friday, July 27, 2012

Sister, Sister

It all started when Becky went in for back surgery in May of 2004, who knew then, she'd not have much of a life afterwards.

The first surgery was a flop. They didn't connect the morph pump right (in the spine) and forget to mesh the pump so it would stay in place. Becky wasn't getting any meds into her spine, so another surgery happened to fix the first, that lead to another and another and another and another and another. There may be one more another, but I can't remember.

To simplfy, Becky's qaulity of life has sucked! Still she worked to have insurance, because her meds ran high. Well she worked until she couldn't work anymore.

People made fun of her because she was always passing out, or she'd fall asleep at the blink of an eye. She was injured so many times, which resulted in hospital visits. People were mean when the accused her of beind a drug addict.  She wasn't. Her spine wasn't working the way it should, and the surgeries to her back cause a neurological narcolepsy.

Because of the screw ups with her back and not being able to take in the nutrients she needs to keep her strong, she is weak and brittle. She fell a few years ago and broke her hip.. I think she was 39 at the time.....well she fell and broke it again.  She just had surgery to replace the first hip replacement.

There is a lot of in-between information here( that is too personal to tell), but I can assure you, she's been toeing a long uphill battle since the first back surgery. She bearly weighs more than the wind.

I feel so helpless, not being able to be there and take care of her. Mom is though, I know it's hard on her because mom was my care giver when I went through cancer.. It's so hard being a caregiver. It zaps your strenght and beats you up emotionally and mentally.

Anyway.. Dave and I sent them flowers last night. They both received them today.. The pictures are of Becky and mom and their flower arrangements.
Becky's arrangement

 Becky and her arrangement

Mom with her flowers

A better look at mom's arrangement

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