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Monday, July 23, 2012

Old Dog Sleeping

"I know mom's behind me, taking a picture, I don't care though. I've sowed my oats, chased my cats, pooped just about everywhere I've wanted to. Yep I'm just an old lazy dog."

"Who cares if I sleep partly on and partly off this here bed, it's mine and I can do it if I want to. Mom just calls me crazy, but she thinks I'm cute most of the time, unless I belch or fart, then she wants to stuff something in boths ends of me."

"Now why'd she want to do that for?"

"It's a call of nature and by golly I've smelled enough of dad's and mom's nature habits."

"Mom won't let me on her chair, but dad let's me on his. Of course mom throws a sheet over his chair, but it does not good. My hair likes to float free and I let it."

"Well, I better move into a different position or mom will come and poke me like she does dad when she doesn't hear him breathing loud enough."  *YAWN* It's a dogs life and I love it.


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