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Monday, July 23, 2012

My oh my

Sometimes I hate coming off the weekend. Usually we've not done much of anything and the house at times gets a bit dirty, laundry piles up and I get to clean it all up. Mind you I'm not really complaining. My man works really hard and I don't have to work at the moment so I do get to stay home.

Today however I had to do a bit of shopping and I hate carrying in groceries...It's to dang hot to carry in groceries. I bought some wheelie thingy's to tote groceries in so I don't make so many trips back and forth, but they were a bunch of crapola! Cheaply made garble garble garble...

I DID say lots of money shopping in store sales and using coupons....gooooo meeeeee! 'Soon we'll be going on vacation so I went ahead and bought soda for the trip, found me an outfit and some swimming bottoms......Nooooooo goobers I'm not swimming topless, but I will be looking for something to match my swimming bottoms.

I have the groceries put away.....Was supposed to make split pea soup....not gonna happen today....Still need to do laundry and clean....there's always tomorrow though.

Have a great week whoever reads this.


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