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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lapeer State Game Area and Grave Site Walkabout

Dave took me for a drive today.  The weather has been so nice and the drive was great

Getting ready to take the curve. Some of the places had huge drop offs on both sides....I was scared :)
Going up hill into the Game area. It is lovelier than what the pics show

The tree was massive though you can't tell it and it was oddly shaped

Down the hill
Lake off Vernor's road

Another shot of the lake

Different lake, but same road. This one was set off in a valley of sorts

Dave's father passed away almost six months ago. This photo we took today and left some flowers.

This grave stone was one close to his fathers. People spend quite a bit of money on grave stones.

1 comment:

KB said...

Love your walkabout. Sorry we haven't done one for a while. Will get back to it when things settle down a bit x