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Monday, February 13, 2012

Frankenmuth, Michigan

 Famous Zehnder's
 The Zehnder's Restaurant
 Grand Dining Room we ate in
Last course of the meal

This past weekend we went to Frankenmuth, Michigan and ate at Zehnders. It's famous for its chicken dinners. It has many different eating areas, but this time we were put in the Grand Dining Room, that is what I call it. Huge chandeliers hang from the ceiling.  There are four different course's to this all you can eat meal.

What is cool about Zehnders also it the waiters/waitresses dress in period costumes, to give a real early time experience. There is a bakery, and gift shop and Chef's cafe in this mansion like building.

Dave and I enjoyed the company of his mother and sister. We all fought to pay the bill, but mom (Dave's mom) was the victor and paid for the lot of us. It's pricy, but well worth the "all you can eat chicken dinner."

We finally had snow on the ground so the Frankenmuth experiences felt right. I'll be writing a bit about the history of this place next. It's a quaint town, with a true German feel.

Thanks mom and Dawn for having supper with Dave and I.