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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wow how quickly a month flies. It just seems like yesterday I was stepping onto an American Airlines Jet heading to Dallas, which would bring me here to Michigan. 

It's been a lovely month. I have always enjoyed being married and having a mate, so I'm been fortunate to find one who loves me so completely. Of course we're still in the adjusting stage.

We're both up in years and have been single for some time, so learning the boundaries of each other is still in process, non-the-less I love Dave and have enjoyed getting to meet and know his family.

His Son was over for a visit. He had an emergency surgery done, so he came here for a few weeks to recoup. It has hard seeing him go as it remind me of the son I left behind. No mind he's Twenty, he's still my baby :)

We live in a two bedroom, two bath apartment. I don't mind this kind of living at all as upkeep is done by others. If there is a problem the complex gets it fixed and to be honesty, neither Dave or I want to worry about fixing this or that.

I'm including some photos I've taken. Haven't gotten any good ones, so these will have to do.

Love to all
 Joshua, mom and me the day before I left for Michigan
Here I am getting ready to go to an auction
 Dave and I at the Auction
 Winter sky circling our apartments except for this bit.
Sidney, a twelve year old lab mix. She is quite spoiled and loves her naps.

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KB said...

You look sooo happy. Good to see you back in blog land.