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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Haskell Tornado Damage

Recently Haskell, Oklahoma was hit by an F2 tornado. We were fortunate because the tornado wasn't all the way on the ground. Had it been the damage would have been far more extensive and more than likely our house would have been severely damaged or blown away.

These photos are somewhat crappy as my phone doesn't take great pictures, and the damage was far worse than can be seen. Too the night time photo's are just before the tornado hit, the day photos are of the next day. I have more to put up but will have to wait on minutes to put them up.

Like I said we were fortunate. Oklahoma was hit by several tornado's that night and nine people lost their lives.

The night sky was ominous

Some of the clouds themselves looked like tornados

I took several night sky photos, but caught only one good lightening strike

This is the tree which fell on my car. I know it's blurry. My son is standing on it and still the whole tree isn't in the photo.

This is looking down our street south east, the damage was far more extensive one block from us.

The day after the tornado we had more storms, then this double rainbow appeared

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KB said...

So glad you are OK x