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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fleas, Dogs, and Heartstrings

Well I can tell Summer is almost here. For the past month little blood sucking black specks of mischievous bitting are back. My poor little dog Mona, from the mid-section back, is losing her hair and her pink flesh is exposed in burlesque fashion. Everyday I comb her and medicate her, but those pesky fleas wont leave her alone.

I personally think each year they get smarter (the fleas) and develop some super duper spray and cream resistant armor. It's with that thought in mind that I've turned into a manic flea murderer. I'm disgusted with myself because I get so much pleasure out of smashing the life out of them. One little second and pop they're smashed against some hard surface. (My heart maybe)

They aren't content (the fleas) with Mona either. My feet bare the marks of their carnivorous feasting. I've taken to rubbing antibiotic creams, rubbing alcohol, and in extreme measures spraying Black Flag on my feet so they'll leave me alone. I swear I hear laughter coming up from between the slats of the wood floor.

Mona's decided that since she can't get rid of the fleas, she isn't going to let the flies get away with buzzing about her. She takes off at a mad run nipping and barking at the air. The sound of her jaws snapping shut shows she means business too! She got to excited about getting a fly the other day, she nearly nipped my foot!

Oh I get back at her though. I happily sit in my recliner, eating my soft crunchy ice as she wags her tail for what she thinks is a bite of coolness. What it is, is a form of malicious humor on my part.

"Here Mona, does Mona want a bite?" I throw various pieces of ice across the floor and watch as she peels out and slides, trying to nip the ice before it crashes against the wall or goes under something. It's hysterical, or maybe I'm just mad (crazy)

It's bad enough she demands her own coffee or she'll yip and bark at me until I finish most of mine and let her have it. She's found her voice and barks and barks until she gets it too. Mona's more addicted to coffee than I am. She needs to attend Coffee AA or something to get over this addiction. What is it going to be next, her own spot at the table or a class in wine tasting?

My heartstrings have been torn in so many ways here of late. I'm one exhausted momma, daughter, and slug human. Due to circumstance beyond my control right now I'm not working and I feel horrible about it. A person can only be pulled in so many directions though. Family duties demand my attention at the time, but as everyone knows it's hard to exist and provide for self or family when no cash flow is available.

My parents have money but it goes to the house and their needs. So things are tight. Good news is it's only temporary and the light is shining brightly, so I'm almost at the end of this situation. Still I feel like scum, slime, the feces of slime. ( well I don't feel that way all the time because I do much for the home and around the home ) but at the moment I want to waller in self-pity and childish behavior.

I told a friend I wasn't gonna whine no more, but I'm not whining to him/her, but here in this thread. So whining is permissible right?  Here is what I think is necessary in life.

1. Washer and dryer (I'm tired of washing things out and hanging them out)
2. Toilet Paper
3. Dish soap/body soap (there's no reason to be dirty when you have either of those things)
4. Popcorn, you can't starve if there is popcorn in the house
6. A private place to detox ( wish I had one)
7. A hug (what's that)
8. A listening ear ( I try not to wear those ones out I have)
9. A whispered or shouted you're okay kid
10. Flowers!! I can't remember the last time I got flowers. I think my son picked some pollen for me and presented them all nicely arranged in a glass of water (it's the thought that counts)

It's not so much to ask for is it? I'm minimalist in reality. The less I have the less clutter around me. However I do like what I have to be nice and in good condition.  There's nothing wrong with that is there? I mean I don't mind if I find it at a thrifty store, goodwill or on sale as long as it is sturdy and decent.

Right a novel is coming on so I'm out of here.

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