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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Green Countries Wine Festival

It was a warm Saturday afternoon, we all traveled in caravans to the Stonebluff Wine Festival. It was one of many across Green Country partaking in the yearly wine festival in Oklahoma.

Down a hilly back road we traveled. One would think they were on an amusement ride at times the way the road would dip and turn with tummy tickling downhill adventures. Too, you could almost picture yourself in France somewhere enjoying the scenic views, as we made our way to the vineyard and winery.

When the road finally leveled out, we soon found ourselves in a long line of other wine tasters. After paying a small parking fee, we all exited the vans and made our way towards the sounds and laughter of the festival already in full swing.

I can't remember what hit me the first, the smell of all the delicious foods, or the scent of berries upon the wind. I know this my mouth sure watered at the thought of sample both fares. 

Once again we paid a small entrance fee, which gave us admittance into the wine tasting part of the festival. It was nice to see that with the fee came a glass to keep as a memento. 

I found myself bellied up to the first table with ticket and glass extended for my first taste of this years offerings. This was actually my first wine tasting event to take part in, so I was really excited to taste all I could.

Ah, what a delicious moment it was when wine coated tongue with a bouquet of tantalizing flavors. I held it there for a moment to let my whole mouth and tongue absorb the wines essence. It was a bit dryer than I liked, but it was pleasurable.

For the next few hours we sampled, nibbled, and wandered the festivals grounds. It was a day I'll not soon forget that is for sure. Good friends, great wine.

Upon arriving I had noticed, in the back pastures, a group of people gathered busily unloading something. I thought perhaps another tent for others bands was being erected and gave it no other thought until.....towards the end of the days event for us, there fully aired were these gorgeous hot air balloons.

One really needs to experience standing next to one to get the full impact of their massiveness. I snapped a picture, hoping their brilliance would shine through. My friends were standing in the line of shot so they are immortalized within this picture for as long as it last.

There in all its glory was the Wonder Bread Balloon, and two others enticing other over to view them. It was quite a blustery day, so the balloons couldn't launch, but they were letting different ones experience a lift off while tied down.

A fun way to end a delightful day in Green Country. Wine, food, and balloons. I'm looking forward to this years event. Wonder what they'll have up their sleeves this year?


Jingle said...

fantastic time spent at the wine festival, right?

thanks for sharing, you rock.
bless your Sunday.

MISH said...

Sounds like a wonderful ending to a wonderful day !

KB said...

Did someone mention wine tasting? Lovely!

mindlovemisery said...

You captured every last moment, wonderful =)

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