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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ho Hum

Seems like the past few months have left me drained and in a ho hum state of mind. I'm still busy taking Joshua to tutoring. He'll be finishing that up in June hopefully. He's had a few rough years, but many good things have come about because of it. He's done a lot of growing up that is for sure.

Me I stay sort of busy writing. I've been doing a lot of poetry lately on Helium because it's National Poetry Month and it's my way of supporting the poetry movement. Whoever a lot of the things I write people on Helium don't like. I'm not much of a rhyming sort of gal and tend to stick with free verse, so lots of my stuff just floats to sit on the bottom.

Mom is still at my sisters. She's been there for almost five months now. To say I'm not tired of the situation would be an understatement. I'm under so much stress right now I think one more little drop on my head will cause an explosion the likes of Mt. Saint Helen. I want to run away and be alone and mediate and hum.

I'm not been keeping up with my blogs as anyone can see, but I do try to stop by occasionally to wipe the dust off. That's about it for now. Hope everything in your world is peachy.

Take care

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