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Friday, April 22, 2011

Captain Phil Harris

Wow this season without Phil Harris seems so surreal! Even a year later, his presence is so missed on the Deadliest Catch, on TLC. I haven't been able to get into the show this year. I suppose it's a mental block or I'm afraid to see the struggles of the boys and the Cornelia Maria.

I know I'll eventually start watching and get catch up on what I've missed, but for now I'm still remembering the show with Phil. I wonder how many viewers feel the same as I do? It's so funny how you can become so attached to an individual and not personally know them. Goes to show what an influence the media has on the viewing population!

I've never been to Alaska, let alone the Bering Sea, but I feel like I know each place as if I'm a long time friend of both.  Sometimes it's as if I can feel the biting wind of the Bering while it's tossing about these huge crab fishing boats. I roll in the chair as the ships dip with the waves and I kind of get seasick with so much pitching.

Oy the temperament of these men can give me a headache as well. There endless bickering, yelling and so on yikes!!! I know it's part of crab fishing and the stress to meet quota and such, but lordy lordy what a motley crew of personalities.

Oh well this post today is one more little tribute to Phil as life moves on, the sea still rolls and men still risk their lives fishing it.

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