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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sometimes from the dismal enlightenment can come. What do I mean? Well let's see, since December death and illnesses has plagued so many of our friends and my own sister Becky struggles with her individual health issues.

I became so overwhelmed I was letting myself be sunk right back into that black pit I had such a hard time getting out of a few years ago. When I start shutting myself off from the outside world, then I know I'd better get a hold of whatever it is that's bringing me down.

You know when you struggle in life it's so often we forget to pray and ask for strength. The loads heaped upon us can't be carried by mere human strength. We need our Heavenly Father in our life to help carry our loads or else we will sink and try to make it through life on our own and we can't.

I've great friends in reality and on the web, but for all the help and wonderful advice that comes my way, it just doesn't measure up to what Jehovah and His Son give us when we call upon them. How else can we appreciate and so respect for the sacrifices Jesus made if we never turn to Him and His Father in our times of need? More importantly, turning to them when we aren't in need and thanking them for loving mankind enough to provide a way for forgiveness of sins.

Yes, times are pretty dreary right now, but we can get through anything as long as we call upon Jehovah and Jesus to help carry our loads as we Jehovah whole-souled.

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KB said...

You'll be OK sweetie. I have faith in you x