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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paying it forward

Have you seen the movie "Pay it forward", the whole concept is to do a good deed which in turns motivates another to do a good deed thus paying forward the original deed.

Well I had a brain storm, that is scary for me. I'm going to play on that concept of paying it forward and start another pay it forward movement, but among my friends and family. Since I'm starting the only requirement I ask is that if you are the recipient of a pay it forward gift, post about it and choose someone to pay a kind deed forward to. Don't tell who it is, surprise them, if you have to get an address do it behind their back so they don't know LOL.

I have my person/persons in mind, it could be you, so get ready, the fun is afoot. If you want to take part in this please leave me a message here, select your person of choice, send your kindness and see what happens. Let's make a difference in someones life.

Love to all

1 comment:

KB said...

I love that movie. I pay it forward often by leaving my books for strangers or sending them to friends. I find it really rewarding and I've received more books in the mail than I've sent away. I have selected my person and will let you know how I get on :)