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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Life Is So Unpredictable

One thing I know is we don't truly know how any day will unfold. Life can go along at full swing, when we're full of joy and peace and then in an instance that peace can be turned into turmoil. Thankfully we don't have to go through those moments alone.

Our friends Jody and Leon Bogard headed to South Texas this past Monday after finding out her brother had to have emergency surgery for a tumor on his back. While he survived the surgery, he couldn't survive the cancer which consumed his body. Norman passed away in the early hours of today.

Their sorrow at this moment is intense and in moments unbearable, but Jehovah says he'll not let us bare more than we can and I know when the pain isn't as intense, they'll draw strength in that comfort. He certainly knows what pain is having watched his son die for mankind. Jehovah is truly a God of comfort.

My sister Becky has been getting worse in her own battle with health. She's fallen so much her bones are breaking and as of now she has no mobility in one leg and very little in the other. They can't seem to find out what is wrong with her. Seven years of doctors and THEY can't find out what is wrong with her.

Her quality of life is limited to her home at the moment. She needs help with just about everything. Mom is down there now watching over her and trying to help her get to the doctors she needs to see. Becky fights to keep her job (Yes, she tries to work for insurance), only thing is most doctors wont accept her type of insurance. Silly is you ask me, she has insurance but no one will accept it? What's up with that?

Becky is just a young woman of 39. For her the last seven years have take her youth and turned it into  such a physical, mental, and emotional roller coaster with no stops. She's a strong will though, but that even wans with time. Again as I write this I think about Jehovah's promise and know one way or another he'll provide a way out for Becky.

I know it can be hard to hold on to faith in these circumstances, but now more than ever we need to make it our resolve to face these trials with determination and faith that whatever we're going through is only temporary and before long these things will be wiped out, never to exist again.

That's it from the home front. Y'all take care and know, even if I don't say it enough, you're loved and cared about.



KB said...

I'm so sorry to hear all your news. Sending you love and hugs from NZ xx

Jingle Poetry said...

sad news, stay strong.

KB said...

Merry Christmas to you and the family. Lots of Love KB xxx