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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


What's going on in the world of Missy you ask? Well Joshua has been sick for the last two weeks and now has broken out in a rash which covers his chest and neck. I was worried enough about it yesterday, I took him down to the paramedics to have a look at it. They think was an allergic reaction to something, so this morning after his school dad took him to the Doc's. They said it sounds like Joshua has more allergies than anything and the rash could be caused by a number of things....DUH!!!! But what????

I went to work feeling like crap, but I made it through. We were stomped for breaky and lunchy too. Sure made the morning and early afternoon past quickly.

Well that's it from me.



KB said...

It could be stress too. I hope he feels better soon. Love ya x

Jingle said...

prayers for him,
I know how messy it could be because my boys used to be sick at home.

Thanks for sharing.
Blessings fly your way.