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Monday, October 18, 2010

Short Weekend/Wine Festival

My weekends these days are short since I've started working a six day week. This means I don't get to do a lot of things. I think they've been catching up with me because my friends have been concerned about my being depressed. Anyway one of my sweet friends kidnapped me from work, I must admit I had thought about calling and canceling, but I didn't get the chance as she surprised me at work by coming and picking me up.

I must say I'm glad I went. First I went with her to a Weight Watchers meeting where she is a receptionist. Next we meet up with her husband, brother, family friend, my friend (her daughter and family) and went to a wine festival. It was a bit warm, but it was nice.

One thing I didn't appreciate though is they were serving the wine warm. I mean have you tasted warm wine? All in all I did sample some fantastic wines. After that we headed off to the Fish Shack where I ordered a hamburger :), but with all the other orders of fish from everyone else I got to eat off the goodies being served. A tomato/pickle relish, coleslaw, pinto beans, hushpuppies and something else I can't remember, not at all Weight Watcher friend in large amounts, but nonetheless great.

We headed off to her house where we played a game of cards (threes) between work, wine and food, I was in and out of a sleep stupor. Immediately after the game I told everyone I loved them and headed off to bed, where I went straight to sleep.

It was a great moment of no worries and fun. Great friends and association is always a plus and in these two fields I am blessed.

Take care

1 comment:

KB said...

It's wonderful when someone gives you a pick me up like that and nobody deserves it more than you x