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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is a 2'fer


Yesterday I didn't make it to posting but I'll make up for that tonight by getting you all caught up.

Yesterday evening I went to the first "Tulsa Weight Watcher Success Story Live Event". It was so encouraging and thrilling and positive and stimulating and and and... I don't think there's enough adjectives to describe or capture the excitement this event had on me.

Me, Josh, mom, Ke, Ro, and Jo all went together. It was already crowded by time we got there. This turn out was more than what they expected I think.  I'm pretty sure we went beyond fire code so shhhhh. We were elbow to elbow and the floor was covered with floor sitters. It was GREAT!!

As you entered the door you were greeted first by the enthusiastic chatter, then the leaders, coordinators, emcee for the night( also a leader) and several other members who were there. They made you feel like you were the special one there, even though the actually special ones that night were the seven guest speakers who had lost remarkable amounts of weight, with the help of Weight Watchers.

Their stories, while having similar tones, were quite unique and different. Their journeys in losing weight, very much their own. The main  "KEY" was Weight Watchers  and then the sheer determination to succeed despite the struggles which come along with losing weight. I shed several tears, cheered with no shame and reaffirmed my determination to finish my journey successfully, despite what struggles may lay ahead.

While each story was a success and lots of weight was lost, the main one for me was the last. This man lost over 200 plus pounds. His emotional speak had us all choking back tears. You could literally see his joy and awe in what he had accomplished. It was truly remarkable.

My son was so moved by what this man said, he even went up to him and talked to him, and that is a feat considering my son is rather shy. I'm hoping he motivated Josh in some way.

Several great quips and analogies and life lessons were shared as well.  It was something I wont forget and it was something that stoked my flickering flame. I'm truly grateful I went. Thanks Jo and Ro for taking us.


Today at work it was confirmed we are opening up on Mondays to serve the breakfast run. We'll be doing lunch still on Tuesday through Friday, but eventually lunch will be weedled out.  :)

Today was Weight Watcher day so I was a wee bit nervous as I gained five pounds, but I'm proud to report I lost it and I'm back on track.

I've written a fundraising article and I have one to go yet and one more article for another site to do.

That's it for me.


1 comment:

KB said...

You have been such a busy lady. Seems like the pieces in your life are falling into place. I am really enjoying your daily posts about you. I'm nosey like that :)